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Kendrix/Valerie Vernon Bio


Valerie Ann Vernon born October 5, 1974(age 33)in Los Angeles, California (age 33) is an actress best known for her role as Kendrix Morgan, the Pink Ranger on Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. However she had to leave the show after she was diagnosed with leukemia. Vernon has since then recovered and reprised her "Power Rangers" role of Kendrix and made a guest appearance in Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue under that very role. She then did the voice for a mutant in Power Rangers: Time Force. Vernon is approximately 5'5" tall.


* She was the first Power Ranger (and only Ranger) to be killed in action.

* She is the first and only female Power Ranger to ever be seen wearing glasses. Three other Power Rangers who wore glasses were male: Billy Cranston from MMPR, Danny Delgado from Wild Force, and Cam Watanabe from Ninja Storm.

* She had never watched Power Rangers before she got in the audition for the Pink Galaxy Ranger.

* She recently appeared in a Subway commercial.

Roles on Power Rangers

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy/Pink Galaxy Ranger

Full Name: Kendrix Morgan

Ranger Designation: Pink Galaxy Ranger

Weapons: Quasar Saber, Transdagger, Quasar Launcher

Gear: Transmorpher, Pink Jet Jammer, Lights of Orion Armor

Zords: Wildcat Galactazord

Brainy beauty Kendrix was a scientist working at Terra Venture's GSA Division. She first met Leo when he accidentally knocked her down avoiding capture on Terra Venture. Kendrix was very intellectual and had a great thirst for knowledge of the universe. She dreamed of the day when Terra Venture finally finds a new world for humans to populate. Kendrix became the Pink Ranger when she pulled the Pink Quasar Saber from a stone on the planet Mirinoi. When Psycho Pink created an energy storm that threatened to destroy Terra Venture, Kendrix sacrificed her life to stop it. Her Quasar Saber was retrieved from the hands of evil by Karone, the former princess of evil Astronema, who used it to transform into the new Pink Ranger after Kendrix's spirit asked her to. The power of nature lay within Kendrix when she transformed into the Pink Ranger, and her Zord was the Wildcat Galactazord. Kendrix currently resides on Mirinoi along with the rest of Terra Venture's inhabitants. She was brought back to life when the Rangers placed the Quasar Sabers back into the stone, and resumed her role as Pink Ranger for one adventure when the Galaxy Rangers travelled to Earth to help the Lightspeed Rangers defeat Trakeena.

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